Bead Embroidered Wall Art and Fashion Accessoiries for Sale

Bead Embroidered Wall Art and Fashion Accessoiries for Sale

Doll Art Wall Mirror Set

Yes, I'm selling all three together! Here's my Ebay sale page to purchase for $999.00 plus $50.00 shipping

Art Deco Small Wall Mirror

  • Colorful square mirror in art deco style layout with crystals and chain enclosure. $79.99 plus $20.00 shipping Purchase on My Ebay Listing

Collectible Pins and Brooches

Here are the pins and brooches I currently have for sale. Click the images to go to the Ebay listing pages of each item.

Tiki Mask $24.99 plus $10.00 shipping

Tardigrade $24.99 plus $10 shipping

Ren in the Happy Helmet 24.99 plus $10 shipping

Bigfoot - Last one of four $24.99 plus $10 shipping

Raven and the Sun in Greens Hair Barrette

Last of a series of 9 beaded ravens. $69.99 plus $20.00 shipping - Purchase here on my Ebay listing.

Bag Charms & Keychains

Various keychains and bag charms for sale. Some can be either keychain or bag charm - some are only charms without keyrings attached.
Six Petal Flower - $39.99 plus $20 shipping

Blue Grey Alien - $49.99 plus $20 shipping

Blue Pink Lotus Flower - $39.99 plus $20 shipping

Green Purple Alien - $59.99 plus $20 shipping

Roach Clip Lot

Lot of three roach clips or bracelet buddies for sale - wholesale pricing for resale!

Pirate King of A-Town Wall Mirror

My first use of chain as an embroidery material. Purchase on my Ebay listing page here.


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