What is Gamma?

What is Gamma?

Well, besides being the third letter in the Greek alphabet, gamma is a word that describes the brightness of a monitor display or raster image. Gamma correction is a tool in Photoshop's exposure settings menu that I haven't really took the time to learn about before this post. I've seen the tool and tinkered with it in a trial and error attempt to fix photos that weren't shot properly.

Gamma correction is also a tool to correct how images are displayed on monitors. Screens that haven't been calibrated properly will not be able to correctly display some images. Here's and article which explains hot gamma correction works for computer monitors.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the exposure tools which include gamma correction in Photoshop CS5 (Yes, CS5! It's the last year Adobe released the Creative Suite on CD for a fixed cost rather than this subscription mumbo jumbo)

Here's what I was able to do with these tools - It comes in handy for photos you like that didn't turn out that well but could be fixed to make them pop. The sample photo I chose wasn't that bad - I'll find an even worse one to rescue!

I used the sliders at first, then later as I was tinkering with the background, I noticed the dog still wasn't popping out enough. I went back to my exposure adjustment layer to try the dropper sampling tools instead of the sliders. It improved it a lot. If you aren't sure which tool to use, try a combination of both!


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