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New Design: The New Devil's Lettuce

The New Devil's Lettuce Yes, I HAD to add my two cents to this sad phenomenon of bad lettuce attacking people with ecoli. Romaine lettuce has been in the news recently for making people very ill. Sit down marijuana, this is the new devil's lettuce!

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What is Gamma?

What is Gamma? Well, besides being the third letter in the Greek alphabet, gamma is a word that describes the brightness of a monitor display or raster image. Gamma correction is a tool in Photoshop's exposure settings menu that I haven't really took the time to learn about before this post. I've seen the tool and tinkered with it in a trial and error attempt to fix photos that weren't shot properly.

Gamma correction is also a tool to correct how images are displayed on monitors. Screens that haven't been calibrated properly will not be able to correctly display some images. Here's and article which explains hot gamma correction works for computer monitors.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the exposure tools which include gamma correction in Photoshop CS5 (Yes, CS5! It's the last year Adobe released the Creative Suite on CD for a fixed cost rather than this subscription mumbo jumbo)

Here's what I was able to do with these tools - It comes in ha…

How to Find Your Personal Color Mathematically

How to Find Your Personal Color Mathematically
Well, I thought this would be an interesting thing to blog about. I got interested in it after writing my RGB Guide to Pantone's Color of the Year post. I got interested in the numbers involved with RGB colors. There are three sets of three digit numbers to define a color in the RGB spectrum.

How RGB Works RGB stands for red, green, blue. RGB is a light based color system. When you break a white light up it separates into red,green and blue segements. White is what you get when you add the fullest values from each segement. The digits range from 1 to 255. So, in RGB, 255, 255, 255 equals white (all the light) and 0,0,0 equals black (the lack of light). There are 16,581,375  different possibilities. This site says there are 256 values for each elemant because zero counts as an option.

How RGB Differs From CMYK Ever notice that your prints sometimes end up dark, dingy, and/or dreary compared to your screen image? Well that's becaus…