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Latest Bead Sale Promotions from Panda Hall

The Latest Bead Sale Promotions for Panda Hall Tassel Faceted Glass Rhinestone Beaded Big Pendants, with Platinum Brass Findings, White, 75~82x10mm, Hole: 2mm
(GLAA-P013-01D)10 pcs. US $13.71 Sale price for 3 more days
49% Off! 5 pcs. at $7.49 (Limited stock and they are going fast!) Environmental Brass Micro Pave Cubic Zirconia Skull Beads, Lead Free & Cadmium Free & Nickel Free, Rose Gold, 18x12x12.5mm, Hole: 1.5mm
Brass Micro Pave Cubic Zirconia Beads, Skull, Lead Free & Nickel Free & Cadmium Free, Gunmetal, 13x10x10mm, Hole: 1.5mm(ZIRC-ZX0001-03B-NR)10 pcs. at $23.50 for 3 more days!

Seed Bead Deals Two Cut Size 11's 11/0 Two Cut Glass Seed Beads, Silver Lined Round Hole, Red, Size: about 2.2mm in diameter, about 37500pcs/pound(CSDB25B) 1 lb for just $1.62! - 3 days left 11/0 Two Cut Glass Seed Beads, Silver Lined Round Hole, Red Size: about 2.2mm in diameter, about 37500pcs/pound Quick to loom and easy to string or sew, these seed beads provide…

Wild Alaskan Rose Pattern - Free to Use Embroidery Pattern

Free to Use Wild Alaskan Rose Pattern This is the pattern I drew for several bead embroidery projects. I have made a wall mirror for a family member and some beaded hair barettes as well. This pattern is very versatile with the use of the leaves and buds on the stalks that can be shaped in different ways.

Colors of Wild Alaskan Roses Here are a few color suggestions from photos I took of these wonderful summertime flowers of Alaska. There seems to be a variance in this flower in the coloring. I'm not sure if it's the same plant in various stages of growth or like people, each plant has its own color genetics that are different for each plant.

Pantone colors I sampled that match the RGB numbers are from Pantone's color converter tool on their website. Sampled wild Alaskan rose colors: 165-64-152 = Pantone Purple CP, 204-125-180= Pantone 16-3116 TCX Opera Mauve, and 239-194-219=Pantone 671 U.

Wild Alaskan Rose Vector Files You can download these vectors for free to use on y…

I Have Found My Spirit Animal: Eggroll Squirrel

Eggroll Squirrel: My Spirit Animal
I love fatty sugary Americanized Chinese food. The best fried rice is at Charlie's Bakery on C Street. My favorite place for sweet and sour is Panda Restaurant on Northern Lights.  I used to love Fu Do's on Tudor Road but they went out of business. Panda Express is okay but is way over at Tikahnu, too far, and you have to go through that crazy criss-cross pretzel interchange. I get cutoff every other time I go through there by fools that don't know what lane to be in to go to the mall - they should have to drive all the way back downtown!! Rant over.

Anyway, I like different dishes from different Chinese restaurants around town. One of the things they all have is eggrolls. Even the worst microwaved eggrolls are edible by my standards. You just can't go wrong with deep fried wrappers stuffed with MSG coated meat and veggies. I'm sure real Chinese food from the different regions is way different and probably way healthier than the …

January Honors Janus Every Year Since 46 B.C.

January Honors Janus Every Year Since 46 B.C. Long ago, the pre-Julian calendar was lunar-based and only had 10 months named. It did have 12 months set apart from each other but the winter months (January and February) were thought of as 'dead' months and were not named.

During the winter months, there were no active military campaigns so, you know, as a Roman that's like being dead! Many people chose to make those months a time for contemplation about the past campaigns and events of the previous year as well as a time to look ahead at the next campaign.

Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. decided to revamp the Roman calendar. He along with a guy named Sosigenes. (Yes, THAT Sosigenes, Queen Cleopatra's cherished instructor!) Julius Caesar decided that the first month of the new year should honor Janus.

Janus is the Roman gatekeeper of the gods. He is depicted with two faces, one to look into the future, and the other to look into the past. He is often shown to be carrying a sta…