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20 Years of Pantone’s Color of the Year: A Free RGB Guide

20 Years of Pantone’s Color of the Year: A Free RGB Guide How did I find each of the Pantone Color of the Year’s complementary and triadic colors? Pantone provides the RGB numbers. I took those numbers and subtracted each one from 255 to come up with the opposite color in the RGB spectrum. For color triads, I added or subtracted 85 to each RGB number to end up with three evenly distributed numbers in the RGB range of 1-255. I then took those RGB numbers and input them into Pantone’s color search tool. The color conversion tool then selects the closest Pantone color to those RGB numbers.

Some of these combinations were a surprise, especially the triadic ones because they seem to be analogous in some cases.

Here's the link to download a split two page layout for printing on standard letter size paper.

The image to the left is a preview of the full 8.5"x22" document. It lists the RGB numbers of each color as well as the RGB numbers of each color's complementary and triad…

Didn't Get a New 2019 Wall Calendar for Christmas?

Didn't Get a 2019 Calendar for Christmas This Year? If you didn't get a wall calendar for Christmas, here are a few you can buy online. Like socks and pajamas, calendars are usually a sure bet for receiving as gifts on Christmas. I start this list with the essential King of Kitcsh, Elvis!

Popular Characters and Brands2019 Elvis Wall Calendar
2019 Elvis Wall Calendar
Peanuts Happiness is 2019 Wall Calendar by World Market
Calendars -Filled with heartwarming illustrations of Charles Schulz's beloved Peanuts characters, this playful calendar celebrates the "Happiness is" series, with quotes and drawings about the expression of happiness featured each month. Complete with 120 stickers to embellish your calendar any way you choose, the months and days are translated into French and Spanish as well. Material: , Color:. Also could be used forhome decor,wall decor,wall accessories,decorative accents,calendar,wall calendar,2019 calendar,peanuts calendar,charlie brown. By Co…