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Clown Love

I Love Clowns! I used to think nothing of clowns until I saw It. These days I can't get enough of clowns, especially scary clowns. I've decided to start creating bead embroidered clowns to share with other clown fans. Here are the clown pieces I've made so far. I will add more to this list as they are completed.

Unless someone special orders a clown piece, I've decided to give them away to my fellow clown addicts. I'm currrently working on a Great Milenko bag charm that has been hanging around in my U.F.O. stash. I have plans on doing a creepy Pogo after that one.

Do you have any clown art you would like to share? Post a link to your clown project.
Clown Panic DVD
Clown Panic DVD
Burlesque Black Clown Chandelier design by Seletti
" Polyresin h 18.9"" Black Clown Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship out and receive tracking."
Carnival Creep Clown Mask
Carnival Creep Clown Mask
Clown, The
Think of Red Skelton and chances are you think of Clem Kad…

Completed Wall Mirror - Cloud Crown Dollface

Cloud Crown Dollface Wall Mirror I made this from a doll's head I bought at a junk store. I painted the face with spray paint and punched holes around the face to sew it down to backing material - felt.

I then added a flower bouqet under the face and a crown above after surrounding the doll's face with metal cup rhinestones. I used broken jewelry pieces, glass disco ball beads, feceted black gless beads, and faceted hearts.

After sewing on the bigger accent pieces I surrounded them with layers of size 11 glass seed beads.

Noticing the empty space in the doll's head, I decided to create a secret stash space sealed off my a zipper and velcro flap enclosure. This is the first time I've used the empty space behind a doll's head as a storage option.

I used jewelry chain to secure the corners of the mirror onto the backing material. After a time glue will grow brittle and not stick to glass well. So I always sew my mirrors onto the backing material for when the glue los…

Who was Prince William Sound Named After?

Why was it named Prince William Sound? I got curious about who Prince William Sound is named for. Obviously Prince William! Let's take a look at which prince named William it was. Okay I know it's not Prince William, Duke of Cambridge - you know Princess Diana's son. The Sound in Alaska got its first European name way back in 1778. It was first named Sandwich Sound, after the Earl of Sandwich - by the famous Captain James Cook. The Earl of Sandwich was a patron of Cook's expeditions. Russian explorer Alexander Baranov also named this sound Chugach Bay in 1793.

Back in England, it was renamed after King George III's third son, William, by the editors of Captain Cook's documents just prior to publishing. Cook died in Hawaii in 1779 and one his fellow crewman, John Gore, eventually returned to England after making further expeditions into the Arctic. The records of Cook's last expeditions were published long after Cook's death. It was a popular thing to…