Harvesting and Eating Wild Alaskan Spring Greens

Harvesting and Eating Wild Alaskan Spring Greens Spring is here and it's almost time to go out and harvest fresh wild Alaskan greens. Many of these plants are only edible when they are in their young sprouting phase. Some may tend to get too chewy and woody in texture and bitter in flavor as they age.

I have scoured the internet to find these tidbits of wild edible knowledge to share with you all. Authors are noted on each page - If you have anything to share about harvesting and eating wild Alaskan greens this spring, please feel free to share your thoughts!

Want to learn from local experts? Here are a few opportunities for getting out there and learning about wild edible gathering in an outdoor hands-on setting.

Spring Green Wild Edibles 
 May 31 Sign up to take an edibles day trip and learn what is edible and what is not out of Homer.

Gdaiva's Bootcamps
June 22-25th and June 13 to 20th and Sept. 5th to the 12th
Learn harv…

Homesteads in Alaska

Homesteads in Alaska A Guide to Homesteads in Alaska Before modern real estate property sales, people thought of home and land ownership differently, especially in rural undeveloped parts of the country. Many land parcels were larger and as available land became scarcer in the urban areas, many of the old homesteads were partitioned and sold as new subdivisions and housing developments. Many of the subdivision names in current  records still refer to the properties older homestead names. If your curious about how these parcels got their names, I have added a few short descriptions of some properties found in Anchorage that still have the homestead names on the recorded plats.
What is a homestead? Not every home is considered a homestead. A condos, zero lot line properties, or commercial buildings  wouldn't be considered a homestead property. Homesteads are houses and land in a combined property that serves to establish a real presence in the development and use of a larger piece …

Embroidered Alien Series - One

Embroidered Alien Series One First digitally altered bead embroidered space alien. First embroidered alien and first digital alteration.

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New Design: The New Devil's Lettuce

The New Devil's Lettuce Yes, I HAD to add my two cents to this sad phenomenon of bad lettuce attacking people with ecoli. Romaine lettuce has been in the news recently for making people very ill. Sit down marijuana, this is the new devil's lettuce!

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What is Gamma?

What is Gamma? Well, besides being the third letter in the Greek alphabet, gamma is a word that describes the brightness of a monitor display or raster image. Gamma correction is a tool in Photoshop's exposure settings menu that I haven't really took the time to learn about before this post. I've seen the tool and tinkered with it in a trial and error attempt to fix photos that weren't shot properly.

Gamma correction is also a tool to correct how images are displayed on monitors. Screens that haven't been calibrated properly will not be able to correctly display some images. Here's and article which explains hot gamma correction works for computer monitors.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the exposure tools which include gamma correction in Photoshop CS5 (Yes, CS5! It's the last year Adobe released the Creative Suite on CD for a fixed cost rather than this subscription mumbo jumbo)

Here's what I was able to do with these tools - It comes in ha…